The Art of Chagos – Paintings of Clement Siatous

Born in 1947 to parents working at Peros Banhos, Clément spent most of his childhood on Diego Garcia.  After the establishment of BIOT led to the family’s displacement and resettlement on Mauritius, Clément began to use his artistic talents to depict life on the Chagos archipelago as he had known it.  His colourful paintings are today recognized as an important expression of Chagossian culture: work, cuisine, and leisure activities all feature in his art. Clement has also vividly depicted more recent events such as the return visits of the Chagossians.

Further Reading: Jeffery, L. & Johannessen, S. ‘Reflections on the Life and Art of the Chagossian Painter Clément Siatous’.


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