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The Song “Diego” by the group Cassiya

Mo bien sagrin nou fine perdi éne zoli ti zil (Diego Diego) Lwen la bas kot larzen pa ti trop nécessaire zot lasanté ti protézé fruit des mers tia la traine coco rafresi ti éne zoli la vie natirel zot … Continue reading

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Paul Caboche at Port ‘T’. During the 1939/1945 war,  Paul Caboche was posted as a Royal Navy Wireless Operator at Diego Garcia in charge of a Secret Wireless Radio Station.  He stayed there for nearly two and a half years.  … Continue reading

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Bor’ Endan, Bor’ Déhor

A  Childhood at Chagos This charming book, written in French and illustrated with paintings by the celebrated Chagossian artist Clement Siatous, recounts various episodes in the life of the author who grew up in and around the islands of the … Continue reading

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The Matah, Soobalah, Hypolite and Ismael families of Peros Banhos On 19th February 1921 a group of Chagossians gathered to witness the birth of Marie Bernadette Matah, the daughter of Joseph alias Xavier Matah and Rookmee Soobalah alias Marie Perci … Continue reading

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The ‘Sir Jules’ and a Sega Song

The Sir Jules was a 711 ton ship employed mainly in the transportation of copra from Chagos and Agalega to Mauritius. A sketch of it is reproduced below: Sir Jules A “popular Creole folk song” or sega about the ‘Sir Jules’, … Continue reading

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Charles Darwin’s voyage on the Beagle not only led him to visit a number of Indian Ocean islands but helped to sustain a life-long interest in the more unusual flora and fauna of the far-flung coral atolls. He was particularly … Continue reading

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Nature (test page)

  Nature page under construction.

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The Hilaire and Olivier families On 16 August 1921 at six pm in the evening, the birth of Marie Hilaire was recorded as having taken place at Ile du Coin, Peros Banhos. She was the child of OscarHilaire and Hortense … Continue reading

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Un Vagabond des Mers du Sud / Sailing to the Reefs

BERNARD MOITESSIER The celebrated French yachstman, Bernard Moitessier, spent six weeks on Diego Garcia in the 1950s and tells the story of his dramatic arrival and enforced sojourn on Chagos in his book ‘Un Vagabond des mers du sud’, and … Continue reading

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In recent years, a number of songs with political overtones, known as ‘chansons engagés’ have been written and performed by Mauritian and Chagossian musicians. A selection is provided below. Rane Nu Later, Rane Nu Lamer  – Grup Latanier Rane nu … Continue reading

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